A little about us. 
We both lived in South Florida for many, many years.  After we both retired, we moved to Ormond Beach in 1997, where we love our home. 



First, Mary Ann
Mary Ann is a active bridge player in the Daytona Beach Bridge Club and also the Palm Coast Bridge Club. 
She has one daughter, Tanya, who is married to Ed Lex.  They have one daughter, Tabetha and live in Palmetto, Florida. 
They own a family business, Lexs Automotive in Palmetto. 
Tabetha is a avid horse rider and competes in many shows and has won enough ribbons to fill her room.! She has also particpated in Bradenton beauty contests. 

Second, me, Norm 
I retired after working from the Miami Police Department from 1969 to 1995.  We moved from Davie, Florida to Ormond Beach. 
I rode Harley Davidsons in the police motorcycle squad and after retiring purchased one, then two, and then sold one for a boat for Mary Ann.  I have had four bikes since retiring and logged about 150,000 miles. 
We had a 5th wheel toy hauler camper and we hauled the motorcycle in it when traveling about the U.S. In 2011 we traded the toy hauler for a 32' fifth wheel RV and enjoy taking trips with it, mostly to North Carolina and Louisiana.

Kathryn, Bryan and Tammy


Grace, Cinzia, Norman Jr. & Georgia

I have two children, Tammy and Norman and four grandchildren. 
Tammy lives in Hollywood, Florida (as of 2014) and has a daughter, Kathryn (now graduated from high school and lives in north New York).  Bryan, 15 in 2010, is her son is attending college out west.

Norman Jr. worked on Costa Cruise Lines after graduation and met a wonderful woman he later married, Cinzia Cantatore from Genoa (who also worked on the ships).  He learned Italian, mostly from her parents and were married in 2002.  Since then, they have two children, Georgia (8 in 2014) and Grace (5 in 2014).  Norman Jr. lives and works in Genoa.  Cinzia works for the downtown Best Western in Genoa. 
It's rough, but we have to travel to Italy every two or three years to visit the family there!