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I really like my steak between rare and medium rare. Blue rare is almost like eating steak tartar.

This is another way my friend, Brent, checks his steak.

One of the tricky parts of cooking a steak is determining how done it is. Some of us may like it burnt to a crisp. Some may prefer it bloody as hell. It may be a little easy to determine these two by the way a steak looks like. But how do you know if the steak’s medium and medium rare? Men’s Health featured this nifty trick on how to check the steak’s doneness by comparing its elasticity with the meaty part of your hand.

All you have to do is to touch your thumb with one of your other fingers and feel the meaty part of your hand. The firmness of your hand will be your gauge to how your steak should feel like.
As far as cooking goes, there are also the proper internal temperatures that can help you determine doneness. As you can see rare doesn’t go to the proper internal temperature to kill microbes so better think twice on eating steaks rare.